Flow: How to change Record Type when updating a field using Record-Triggered Flow?

Requirement: We are assuming that we have a custom date field called “Date Completed” and 2 Record Types “Direct” & “Indirect” (Campaign Object). Request is that when user updates the field, the record changes Record Type from “Direct” to “Indirect” upon Save.

Step 1: Create a Record Triggered Flow and set the conditions where:

  • RecordTypeId will be the Id of the Record Type
  • Date Completed is Changed to “True”

Step 2: Create your second element (Assignment). Variable should be looking at Record Type Id equals to the id of the “Indirect” record type.

Step 3: Save your flow “Campaign Request: Before Save Flow”

For the purposes of the demo, I have created 2 list views. “Direct Campaign” list view shows a list of direct campaigns where “Date Completed” field is blank. Second list view is named “Indirect Campaigns”. When Date completed is updated the record type changes and list view gets updated.

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