Flow: How can I track field updates and use them as a reference on email sends?

Request: We are assuming that on the Opportunity object there is a multi-select picklist field called Project Manager. Request is:

  1. Send an email, everytime “Project Manager” field gets updated on the Opportunity.
  2. Is it possible to view within the email the previous and new updated values of the Project Manager?
  3. Is it possible to track who edited the Project Manager field?

Before we build the 2 flows (Before Save & On Create and Update Actions), we need to create 2 custom fields on the Opportunity Object (We are assuming that we already have the Global Picklist Value and the Project Manager Multi-Select picklist field as mentioned above.

a. Global Picklist Value Set

b. 2 custom fields

  • Previous Project Manager (Multi Select picklist field)
  • Project Manager Edited by (Lookup to User)

The above 2 fields can be hidden from the page layout as we are going to use these only to reference them on the email.

c. We also need to create an Email Template and an Email Alert. We will use the email alert on the second flow “On Create and Update Actions” (we are assuming that you are aware how to create these).

Flow 1 – Before Save Actions

Flow 2 – On Create and Update Actions

Demo (Please note that an email is sent withe the fields requested)

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