Flow: How to send a scheduled email using a Record-Triggered Flow based on Assignment Rules?

Requirement: Request is to send a “Thank You” email to the lead, 1 hour after it’s been created. The “Thank You” email is based on the following criteria that 3 Sales people (Alex, John and Michael) have set in their Assignment Rules:

  • Alex wants to send an email to the lead if the lead rating is “Hot” and is coming from Canada, Brazil or United States.
  • John wants to send the same email as Alex if the lead rating is “Hot” and is coming from United Kingdom, France and Germany.
  • Michael doesn’t like Alex’s John’s email template. He requested a different email to any rating as long as it is created in Australia or New Zealand.

Solution: Before we build the flow, we need to create 2 different email templates and therefore 2 email alerts. For the purposes of this exercise I am assuming that you have build these, however please find screenshots below.

Step 1: Create the Flow

Step 2: Create the scheduled path

Step 3: Create the “Decision” Element

Step 4: Create the email alert elements. Based on the request, since John requested the same email as Alex then you can connect the 2 elements together (rather than adding another Email Alert for John)


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