Flow: How can I bulk update records (using Screen Flow and not dataloader) ?

Scenario is to allow the users to bulk update ownership records with minimum number of clicks using a screen flow. For this example I will be assuming that the request is to use 2 objects, Customers and Cases. We will add the screen flow to the home page layout and users will be able to click on which object they want to update and then change the ownership of the records associated to that object from an existing user to a new user. As you will notice below the flow is looking only at active users. For this scenario users have 2 objects to choose from (Customers and Cases) but you can add as many choices as you want.

Step 1: Create your 1st Screen Element.

Step 2: Create your 2nd Screen Element – We will be adding 2 picklist components

Step 3: Create Decision element – This will determine which records will be updated.

Step 4: Add another Screen Element once a decision is taken. Based on the users decision a message will appear.

Step 5: Create Update elements (based on the decision). We want to specify any Customer or Case records whose owner is a current owner and update them to the new owner.

Step 6: Save the Screen flow and add it to your Home Page.



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