Flow: Record-Triggered Flows

Requirement: Request is to update specific fields when a contact is created. These fields will generate the values from the Contact Owner (Lookup to User – UserId). However, if the user details change (updated) then these values need to also be updated for all the contact records assigned to that contact owner (lookup to user).

Step 1: For this scenario we will assume that the fields needed from the User Object will be:

  • Full Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Team (Picklist)

We will therefore need to create the same fields on the Contact object. The idea is that when a contact is created, flow will look at the Contact Owner (User Id), take the values from the 6 fields listed above and update the fields from the Contact object that we created below.

Step 2: Configure the Start

Step 3: Create the update element. For each field we created in the Contact object we are generating the record > Owner Id.

For example, for the “Contact Owner Country” field we want to generate Record > Owner Id > Country. – (Screenshot below)

Step 4: Save and activate your flow.

Step 5: We now need to create another Record-Triggered Flow for the User object as we also need to consider the fact that if these fields from the User record change, then that flow needs to update the fields for that contact record. For example, if the country field of a user changes, then the country field for all the contacts that have that User as a Contact Owner need to change.

Configure the Start.

Step 6: Create a decision element. Note that we are using the “Is Changed” operator as the flow will trigger whenever the fields are changed.

Step 7: Create the update element

Step 8: Save and activate your flow.

Flow will look like this

Video 1 – Demo shows that when a contact is created or the contact owner changes then the requested fields are updated as well.

Video 2– Demo shows that when we change the values from a user, the contact records which belong to that Contact Owner (Lookup to User) get updated as well.

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