Flow: How to record as a TEXT the latest status of a field and populate it to a “Historic” field every time that record is saved.

Requirement: Users want every time they add some text to a specific field (e.g. record a request of their client or the status) to be also populated and recorded in a History field (every time that record is saved). – See video

Step 1: For this requirement we are creating 2 custom fields (Opportutity Object):

  • Latest Status Update – Text Area (255)
  • History Status Update – Long Text Area (32768)

The idea here is that when users add some text in the “Latest Status Update”, this will be populated in the “History Status Update” when the record is saved.

Step 2: Create a Custom Label (we will use the custom label in the flow). We will name it Label.NewLine and use it to line break the text when it is populated in the “History Status Update”. – Screenshot below

Step 3: Create an Record-Triggered Flow (Screenshot below)

Step 5: Add a Decision element

Step 6: Create the formula & add it to an Assignment element.

Step 7: Save and Activate the flow

See video below

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