Flow: Trigger a Flow when the record of a specific field changes

Requirement: User wants to manually update the “Approver” field (Lookup) to only a user of their team, however when an Account changes from Active to Pending status, the “Approver” field should be automatically be set to “Blank”. How can we do this?


Step 1: Create the Lookup field on the Account object. As the request is to only show the names from his team we need to include the filter criteria. In this example the filter is based on the User Role, however we can also use User Profile instead.

Step 2: Create your Record-Triggered flow.

Step 3: Select the object (For this example we are using the Account object. Optimize the flow for “Fast Field Updates”.

Step 4: Select your element. The first one needs to be a Decision element which answers the question “When will this trigger?” The requirement states when the Status changes from Pending to Active.

Step 5: Your next element needs to be an Assignment element which will trigger what will happen. Since the request is to update the “Approver” field to Unassigned we add an empty string value – {!$GlobalConstant.EmptyString}

Step 6: Save your flow, activate it and test!!

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