Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

With every new release, you want to stay on top of the key dates that matter the most and below is the latest list of Key Dates for the Spring ’21 release.

All existing preview sandboxes will be upgraded to the Spring ’21 release by January 8th, 2021.

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes are out (with some flow upgrades being a bit more powerful), so we thought of summarising some of the top items.

  1. Analytics – Get Report Details Emailed in .xlsx Format

Get report exports in the format you want. When exporting a report, you can select .xlsx, .xls, or .csv as the format. Previously only .xls and .csv were supported.

2. Sharing – Create More Roles

In Salesforce orgs created in Spring ’21 or later, you can create up to 5,000 roles. In existing orgs, the default limit hasn’t changed. You can create up to 500 roles and can contact Salesforce Customer Support to increase this limit. 

3. End of Support for Internet Explorer 11 in Lightning Experience

Extended Support for IE11 ends on December 31, 2020. Customers using IE11 aren’t blocked from accessing Lightning Experience, but features aren’t guaranteed to work correctly. New features are supported and available only on modern browsers.

4. Share Records with Manual Sharing

Users can now share their record using a standard Lightning UI and grant ‘Read’ or ‘Read Write’ access to other users or groups of their choice. This feature was present in classic UI, now sharing button is available in lightning UI as well. Users can explicitly share their records with other team members via manual sharing.

5.  Get More Characters for Field-Level Help Text

Customers can view the field-level help text by hovering over the Info icon. And with the character limit expanded from 255 to 510, you can now provide more detailed help information. This increase applies to standard and custom fields on detail and edit pages.

6. Send Rich Text Emails from Your Flow Using a Send Email Action

Send an email in rich text format by using a Send Email action. Previously, only plain text was available for Send Email actions, and you used an email alert to send a rich text email.

The New Action modal with the Rich-Text-Formatted Body included and set to True.

7. Time Based Actions or Time – Dependent Actions for Record Triggered Flows

Another area where Flow was behind Process Builder or even Workflow was the lack of Flow Time Based / Time Dependent Actions or Time Triggered Actions from Flows. You can base the scheduled time on when the record is created or updated or on a field value in the record. 

Salesforce Spring 21 Flow Features

8. New Key Prefixes

A key prefix is the first 3 digits of a record ID that indicates the object. For example, every Contact record begins with 003. Here’s a list below:

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