Consumer Goods Cloud: Spring ’20 Release

Salesforce is excited to announce the 2nd release of Consumer Goods Cloud. Here are some of our top new features:

  1. Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods is only for Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud users. To create an app from the Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods template, you must also have the Lightning Retail Execution add-on license. Sales managers can use the app to increase sales, improve store compliance, identify stores at risk, and maximize sales rep effectiveness. This feature is available in Consumer Goods Cloud by late February 2020.

2. Increase Productivity with New KPI Type. Sales manager can automatically identify out-of-stock products and keep their stocks replenished with the new Out-of-Stock KPI. When field reps take a picture of a shelf, Salesforce automatically identifies and records the out-of-stock-products.

3. Optimised Visit Sequences. This feature is available to users with the Consumer Goods License applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce app in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions where Retail Execution is enabled. Consumer Goods Cloud uses Salesforce Maps to determine the best sequence of store visits based on distance, travel time, and store hours.

4. Say goodbye to scrolling through an endless list of items to fetch product details. Field reps can scan a barcode of a product to get its details on their mobile devices.

5. Track KPIs for Product Categories. Sales managers can choose whether key performance indicators are captured for a specific product or for a category of products. To capture information for a product category, when creating a retail store KPI, select a product category.

6. Consumer Goods Cloud Has New and Changed Objects. Access more data through these new and changed Consumer Goods Cloud objects.

·      New Fields for Visit Object

·      New Fields for AssessmentTask Object

·      Fields Have New Picklist Values

·      New Field for Einstein Object Detection Object

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