Winter ’20 Release: My Top New Features of Sales Cloud

Although this list is very brief, here are my top features of the latest Salesforce Release:

  1. Lightning Recycling Bin – Recycling bin is finally available in Lightning.
  2. The ability to default quantity of “1” on Opportunity – A small enhancement but a huge opportunity to end users to save time and for organisations that sell 1 product in each sale.
  3. Account Teams has its own object now – This means that new custom fields, buttons, links, workflow rules and apex triggers can be created.
  4. Where is this used? button is now available – See where a field is used and where changes to the field appear. With this feature, users can quickly verify where a field is being referenced.
  5. Sorting Products / Sort Quote Line Items – A feature of classic that has been added to Lightning. Very user friendly as users can “drag and drop” up to 200 line items.
  6. Lightning Flows – Flows were never my favourite subject but one enhancement that will help the less experienced admins is the automatic creation of variables.
  7. Simplified Reporting / Enable Unique Row Count Aggregate in Reports – Although in the past there was a workaround (Power of 1), it is good to know that this feature has been added which will save time.
  8. Read Right to Left in Reports and Dashboards – Reports and Dashboards now offer right to left languages and locals such as Hebrew, Urdu and Arabic. The reasoning behind these changes is that when a user is working with a right-to-left language, parts of the report builder translate the language, but the layout is still displayed in left to right. 

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