Flow: How to create a record and generate a value of a field from one object to another object using record-triggered flow (video)?

Request: Whenever an opportunity is created, the “Account Status” field of the Account object needs to be generated to that specific opportunity record. However, if a new opportunity is created (associated to that account) then the request is that the Account Status field of that previous opportunity to be updated to blank.

Step 1: Based on the requirement, Account object has a picklist field named “Account Status”. We need to create the same picklist on the Opportunity field.

Step 2: We now need to create the flow (Record-Triggered Flow)

Start Element:

Element 1 (Update 1):

Element 2 (Update 2):

Step 3: Save and activate the flow

Video: Video below shows that when we create a new Opportunity, the value from field “Account Status” in the Account object is populated to “Account Status” field in Opportunity object. However, if we create a new opportunity, the “Account Status” field of the previous opportunity gets updated to <blank>, while the newest/latest opportunity gets updated with the value from the “Account Status” field of the Account object.

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