Summer ’20 Release: Our Top New Features

Here are our top new features for Salesforce Summer ’20 release:

  1. Reports & Dashboards – Attach .csv Files to Reports

This new option lets the user to attach .csv file to the subscription email

To activate this option: Setup -> Reports and Dashboards Settings -> Select Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience.

2. Run Flows that Bypass User Permissions

As of Summer ’20, users will be able to run context and ignore record level access to all a flow to update records that the running user might not have access to. When you are saving a new flow, Click Show Advanced. For How to Run the Flow, select System Context Without Sharing-Access All Data.

3. Improved New Flow Types

There are New Flow Types in Summer ’20 apart from Screen Flow and Auto Launched Flow. These are:

  • Platform Event Flow
  • Record-Changed Flow
  • Scheduled Flow

4. Build Reports on Price Book Entries.

Summer ’20 gives reports on Price Book Entries which will be available in custom report types as a primary object or as a secondary object when Products is the Primary Object.

  1. Optimize Column Sizes on Quote Line Editor

Sales reps can now optimize the Quote Line editor layout. They can resize column widths to minimize horizontal scrolling and reduce white space so they can work more efficiently.

6. Access Lightning Experience on iPad Devices

Users can now enjoy the full desktop version of Lightning Experience on iPad using Safari.

7. Sales Opportunities – Set up Alerts for Big Deals in Lightning Experience

You can now use Lightning Experience to set up automatic email notifications for opportunities that reach a threshold of amount and probability. Previously, setting up Big Deal Alerts required you to switch to Salesforce Classic.

8. Improved User Interface

Users can now better understand and act on updates that impact their Salesforce Org using an improved user Interface. They can view updates and alerts on a single, user friendly page.