Flow: How to add your “Comment”​ Field in your Open Activities Related List

For those who are not aware, Open Activities timeline shows any notes the user has included so that he/she can have quick access to important information. Any? Well not really with this one! Salesforce will not help the users to read the “Comment/Description” field in the Open Activities Related List, which means that the page layout will look like something like this:

To beat this Salesforce feature we can built a very simple flow by using an excel formula.

Follow the steps:

1. Create a custom field.

First step is to create a custom field in Activities (name it whatever you want. In this example I’ve named it “Description”)

2. Create a flow

Once you create your field, from Setup create an autolaunched flow

Once you click create, choose the Flow Trigger and when to launch the flow.

3. Create your Formula.

To shorten your Description field we need to create the formula. Make sure Data type is Text. We are using 252 characters and 3 dots at the end to show the user that this is a “sample” note.


4. Create the Assignment.

Assign your formula and activate your flow.

5. End Result

Add the “Description” field to the Task related list on the Account page. Your end result will look like something like this and a small window will pop-up (up to 255 characters” when the user points on the “Description” field.

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